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    Why sell on danceresale.com? WE HAVE A GREAT INTRODUCTORY OFFER SEE BELOW.

    • Be a part of a larger dance community
    • Sell and make enough for next season

    What Can You Sell?

    Gently used Dance costumes, dance wear, dance shoes, duffels and bags. 

    Watch Now How It Works...

    Manage your products, pricing and shipping danceresale.com only takes a small percentage to manage and market the website. We recommend only selling items that are gently used and in excellent condition.

    What is Excellent Condition ? 
    Items that are in excellent condition DO NOT have stains, tares, runs, missing rhinestones, missing sequin, missing pieces, or have come in contact with cigarette smoke, hazardous chemicals, blood or any other bodily fluids besides sweat. We recommend dry cleaning before selling.

     Consignment Directions

    • Choose which costumes you'd like to sell. Gather all pieces.
    • Take pictures or use professional pictures from competition or studio (check out photo tips)
    • Register online here and start adding your products
    • That's it, danceresale.com will do the rest so sit back and wait for your products to sell.
    • Consignment can be cancelled at anytime.

    How do fees work?

    Joining and setting up a shop on dance resale.com is free, listing lasts until the item is sold or you choose to take it down. Once a sale occurs, we normally assess a 30% transaction fee on the item’s sale price, INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Listing Fee and 5% transaction fee. You pay for shipping so be sure to add this into your price.

    How do I get paid?

    With our easy-to-use payment system, buyers pay with their credit or debit card in their local currency. Once payment is cleared and product is shipped, you receive the funds to your bank account in your local currency. Additionally, you can accept payment methods such as PayPal. At this time, we are only using Paypal to make the payments out to sellers, but we may open this up more methods in the future!

    Read our Guide To Selling